About Us

Our dreams began with Lucy…..

Lucy was a beautiful little girl who I got to know back in 1986, Lucy was always outside playing as any little 6 year old would be! When she didn’t appear for a week or so at the ice cream van I enquired to her whereabouts and was told the devastating news that she was very poorly………I called at her home and after a long conversation with her parents Gavin and myself decided to raise the funds to send her and her family on a trip of a life time to Florida. Lucy and her family spent two weeks making wonderful memories. On Lucy’s return to one of her many hospital visits word got out where she had been and before we knew it we were off again raising more funds for other Children on the oncology unit …….and so Dream Makers was born…….Lucy sadly passed away however her time with Dream Makers has influenced all the other dreams we have made possible.

Lucy Thank you with love Juney x

About Us

Dream makers Children’s Charity has been registered since 1995, eight years after we started raising funds for Lucy…….Lucy’s dream snowballed and since then we have granted dreams to thousands of Children and their families.

Dream Makers have granted dreams from small requests of TV’s, bedroom makeovers to holiday’s of a lifetime to Disneyworld Florida, swimming with the dolphins therapy trip, Lapland, holiday’s in sunnier climates, pop stars….the list is endless we have even chartered a plane and taken the whole of an oncology unit with staff to Disneyland Paris for a most memorable day.

In more recent times however due to the current financial climate we have moved closer to home and purchased our mobile homes in Devon, these enable us to send 120 children a year from all over the UK on memorable holidays with their families and carers.

These homes cost in the region of £50.000 each and have an upkeep of £12.000 per annum. To be In the position to continue purchasing these homes would enable us to offer even more holidays.

Our Aim is to never have to say no to any child regardless of their situation. We are proud to announce the arrival of our brand new fully  equipped disabled home that we have recently added.

None of this would be possible if it was not for the kindness and generosity of others and without your help we cannot maintain making dreams come true, so please continue to support Dream Makers and fulfilling the lives of those that are truly in need of being able to just be a child and enjoy life as they should be able to.

As you can probably imagine, we are always in constant need of funds to provide help for the children and their families and also to enable us to continue with the many other projects that the charity supports.

Thank You

Juney Walsh-Cooper